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Every person has a story about the ways in which male child genital cutting has impacted them, and many of these stories have yet to be told. Intact America’s Skin in the Game Voices series is a continuation of our organization’s original Voices series, started in 2017. These pieces are brought to you by the brave individuals who have witnessed the lifelong harm caused by involuntary genital cutting, and who hope to see this abuse of human rights come to an end in the United States.


The participants of Intact America’s Skin in the Game campaign know that by sharing their stories, they may contribute to circumcision’s permanent discontinuance. New stories are published from the varying perspectives of circumcised men, intact men, regretful parents, intactivists, medical insiders, queer individuals, and impacted partners. The Skin in the Game Voices series explores topics related to circumcision complications, psychological trauma, sexual dysfunction, ethical opposition, parental regret, relationships, ethnicity, and more.

“You are negatively impacting this young man's sexual well-being for his future, for no reason.” - Clayton B. Stephens

Do you have some skin in the game? Have your circumcision impact story told by emailing us at


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    Change Is Possible

    Circumcision is a disturbing reality. Everyone knows about it, but it’s been kept under the radar. This silence has carried on for several generations in our country, and like a family secret left undiscussed, it still reverberates. My own experience

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    I am enough

    I first found out about intactivism last year when I saw a job posting for a modeling gig. Intact America was looking for models for their Skin in the Game campaign. I didn’t know what it was all about, but

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    Find Your Voice

    I was 19 when I had my son. This was in 1991, and being a single young mom, I really didn’t know too much about circumcision. Two days after he was born, the nurse came into my hospital room and

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    Stop the Cutting

    The opposition to circumcision has gained significant traction in recent years, leading to medical, cultural, social and religious debate. As the dispute escalates, I want to shed some light on this controversial subject and share some of the reasons I’m against circumcision.

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